Masks/Stone Therapy

Masks/Stone Therapy

We at Alycan Design, LLC know that the secret to healthy, radiant skin is routine exfoliation. Our certified estheticians have been helping people of all ages in the Sun City West area achieve their best looking skin for years through our wide range of high quality masks and superior techniques.

Why should I get a mask?

Overtime, harsh climates, air pollution, and certain cosmetic products will do a number to your skin. Masks contain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to remove these toxins and impurities.

Alycan Design, LLC Facials, Tattoo Removal and Chemical Peel
Alycan Design, LLC Facials, Tattoo Removal and Chemical Peel

What are the benefits of getting a mask?

Masks provide a number of benefits. When properly applied by one of our certified estheticians, masks do much more than just cleanse the skin. The abrasive qualities and essential oils are capable of calming your nervous system, reducing water retention, eradicating cellulite, and increasing circulation.

Will masks irritate my skin?

Generally, masks do not have any harsh side effects. Many of our Sun City West clients are concerned that the abrasive qualities found in masks, such as sugar or salt, will irritate their skin. While there is always a slight chance that you may have a reaction to one of the properties found in a product, these chances are drastically reduced when your skin type is properly evaluated by our staff.

Do masks hurt?

A mask should never hurt, if your feel discomfort or pain the procedure is being done improperly. All of the skin care specialists at Alycan Design, LLC have years of experience performing masks and know the appropriate amount of pressure to apply when performing a mask. If you do have sensitive skin, please do not be shy to say so. We are happy to adjust the pressure for your specific needs.

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