Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

chemical peels are one of the most effective ways to renew and rejuvenate your skin. Here at Alycan Design, LLC, we offer a range of chemical peels that will dramatically improve the feel and appearance of your skin. chemical peels are effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, sun spots, and scars. They are also a great treatment for dealing with acne, rough or dry skin, enlarged pores, and other issues, and will leave your skin soft, smooth, and beautiful. For professional chemical peels in Sun City West, you can give us a call to book an appointment today.

How do chemical peels work?

A chemical peel treatment consists of the application of a gentle acidic solution to the chemical skin. Depending on the desired effect, the chemical solution is left on the face for a proscribed period of time, and then washed off. Over the next few days, the outer layer of dead skin will peel away, similar to a sunburn, exposing the healthy, beautiful new skin underneath.

Alycan Design, LLC Facials, Tattoo Removal and Chemical Peel
Alycan Design, LLC Facials, Tattoo Removal and Chemical Peel

Are chemical peels painful?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but most patients report only a mild stinging sensation during light and medium chemical peels. If necessary, we can apply a topical anesthetic to reduce the sting, and many patients take a mild pain reliever afterwards to reduce the irritation.

Will I be sedated during my chemical peel?

Typically, our Sun City West clientele are only sedated during a deep chemical peel. It is unnecessary to be sedated for light or medium peels.

Do chemical peels cause literal skin peeling?

Yes, the chemicals in the chemical peel cause your body to shed the outer layer of old, dead skin. This skin will flake and peel off over the course of a few days. Depending on the intensity of your chemical peel, your new skin will start appearing with a week, and your face should be completely rejuvenated within two to four weeks.

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